In July, the Guardian released a report on Children and Young People in SA Government Schools 2007-2013 which tracks results in literacy, numeracy, attendance and enrollment. Also released in July was the Model Charter of Rights for Children and Young People Detained in Youth Justice Facilities. This charter of rights was developed by the Australian […]

Orana Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a diverse range of training and support services to over five hundred people with disabilities and their families in South Australia.

Caring Choice provides a wide range of disability support services for children and people of all ages in South Australia.

It’s over two years now since the I have the Right flashcards for young people with disabilities were first distributed. In the intervening time hundreds of packs have gone to the adults who work with young people in care in foster homes, residential care and youth justice. Rebecca Munn, Program Coordinator – Children’s Therapeutic Accommodation […]

The Guardian’s data graphic Aboriginal children in care data report June 2014 on Aboriginal children in state care is now available from the Guardian’s website. Download the graphic now

Australian Children’s Commissioners and Guardians (ACCG) today released a Model Charter of Rights for Children and Young People Detained in Youth Justice Facilities. The model charter is based on international agreements to which Australia is a signatory, and is designed to provide children and young people in custody with an easy to understand guide to […]

The Guardian’s report Children and Young People in State Care in South Australian Government Schools 2007-2013 tracks trends in school enrollment, attendance and literacy/numeracy of children in care in government schools. There has been a decline in the proportion of children under guardianship who attend government schools, but a rise in the actual number. There […]

  Expenditure alone is not a good indicator of how well or how poorly we are looking after children in need of protection but it is important. Some of the present weaknesses in child protection can be traced back decades to decisions about expenditure. This state’s net expenditure, comparisons on out-of-home care and intensive family […]

The CEASEFIRE! comic was officially launched at the Carclew Youth ARTS Centre on Monday 23 June. It was developed in consultation with 21 young people who worked with artist Richard Dall and writer Daniel Watson over a period of 18 months to produce a comic on resolving conflict. The launch was organised by the project […]

I’d recommend this to other young people – even older people. It doesn’t just have to be about offending it could be about a range of things like relationships and drug use and so on. This comment is from one young graduate of the PLUS+ program being run at the Adelaide Youth Training Centre by […]