About the Guardian’s Office

The Guardian is appointed to advocate for and promote the rights and best interests of the children and young people under the guardianship of the Minister for Education and Child Development.

To do this, staff from the Office talk with children and young people in out of home care, their representatives and others with a direct interest in their welfare.  We visit some children and young people where they are living and check how some are going when their care plans are being reviewed.  We investigate the circumstances of children or young people in out of home care.

We work directly with government and non-government agencies to address  specific issues, we write reports on areas of concern and we provide independent advice to the Minister on issues affecting the children and young people under her guardianship or custody.

We also provide a range of  information and other products free to children and young people in care under the banner of Oog, their safety symbol.

We seek out and listen to the voice of young people in all of our activities and specifically in a round of consultations carried on throughout the year as part of our Youth Participation Strategy.
If you are a young person in care with a problem, or advocating for a young person in care, and everything else has been tried,  read Raising an issue with the Guardian.

You can download a printable fact-sheet About the Office of the Guardian.

Download the fact sheet

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