How the Office monitors wellbeing

One of the Guardian’s functions is to monitor the circumstances of children under guardianship.  We do this in several ways.

Monitoring of residential care

Our monitoring of residential care is in  three stages:

  • a self-evaluation survey completed by all residential care houses each year
  • a review by our advocates of the records that relate to the safety and wellbeing of residents in some houses
  • an informal visit to residents of some houses by our advocacy staff

We address issues that arise with the care providers directly and with Families SA as the situation requires and provide reports to the Minister.   We follow up on issues at subsequent visits. 

Monitoring of secure care

The Guardian’s Office monitors the wellbeing of children and young people in the two campuses of the Adelaide Youth Training Centre with visits by a team of two advocates every second month.

The advocates review the Centre’s records that relate to safety and wellbeing and speak with residents about their experiences and issues within the Centre.

The Office produces a report of its findings which is passed to the Centre Manager and to the Director, Youth Justice but is not made publicly available. In some circumstances the Office may engage with the Centre about systemic issues that it has identified or advocate for an individual resident were needed.

Audits of annual reviews

Our staff also audit some of the annual reviews for children and young people conducted at Families SA offices, monitoring the quality of their care and the effectiveness of case planning in meeting their needs.

Our monitoring observations and interventions are organised around the 12 statements in the Monitoring Framework, derived from the Charter of Rights, which encompasses our aspirations for children and young people in care.

Our observations during monitoring sometimes lead us to undertake individual advocacy or to advocate on systemic issues.

For more details, please download the Monitoring of residential care fact sheet.

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