The Guardian's staff team

Amanda Shaw Guardian
Amanda joined the Office as Senior Advocate in 2007 following a long career working with children, young people and families in South Australia and Ontario, Canada. She has a passion for children’s rights, youth affairs, policy and research. Sport is a major feature of her family’s life and when not working, Amanda will be seen at basketball courts, football ovals and tennis courts. Amanda became Guardian in December 2015.
Kate Cameron Senior Advocate
Kate has dedicated her social work career to working with children and young people in out of home care in both child protection and disability over the last 15 years. She is passionate about supporting those working with children to understand children’s needs when they have experienced trauma and attachment disruption and how to keep children at the centre of decision making. Kate loves to walk and ride her bike on the linear park, reading, watching reality TV and spending time with her family. .
picture of nicole pilkingtonNicole Pilkington Office Manager
Nicole graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology in 2002 and has since worked in the areas of child protection, child and adolescent mental health, problem gambling, and disability focusing on Office Management and Project work. She prides herself on being innovative and having a mind for organising. Nicole's passions outside the office include music, excellent coffee, and good nutritious food all with a local flavour.
Sarah Meakin Assessment and Referral Officer
Sarah has a degree in social work and during her social work career has worked in child protection, mental health and disability. She has a particular interest in human rights and working with children and young people to maintain and protect their rights as well as supporting them to feel empowered to speak up about what is important. When not at work you will likely find her spending time with friends and family, hiking or reading a good book.
Conrad Morris Advocate
Conrad is an Narangga and Arrente man who has worked in youth justice for many years with a particular focus on supporting young Aboriginal people to navigate their way around the justice system. He is passionate about providing a voice for all Aboriginal young people by advocating strongly for their rights to be heard and upheld. He is a man that is committed to family and understands the importance of family to young people and their development and enjoys spending time with his own family and keeping healthy.

Zoe Dalton Advocate
Zoё has a background in front line work with children under the Guardianship of the Minister, and has a particular interest in the neurobiology of trauma, brain development, and the impact of this on children and young people throughout their lives. Zoё’s passion is encouraging and supporting integrity, ethical practice, and a sense of optimism for young people in care.
photo of MalcolmMalcolm Downes Communications Officer
Malcolm has worked in education and the community sector. He is committed to using all forms of communication to promote, equity compassion and knowledge towards a better community. He enjoys travel, family and videography.
picture of Melissa ClarkeAlan Fairley Senior Policy Officer
Alan has undertaken policy, project and advocacy work in a number of sectors. He thinks that the most useful experts usually are those who are at the receiving end of discrimination or injustice. Alan doesn’t own a dog, but does have a teenage son who likes to go walkies. In his spare time he reads and looks at photographs and old movies.