Valuing the voice of young people

Participation 16-12-13

In all of its work, the Office of the Guardian promotes and models the participation of children and young people in matters that affect them.

How we go about this is set out in our youth participation policy which are linked to on this page and summarised below.

Please download the Office's Youth Participation Policy.

Youth participation…

...recognises and nurtures the strengths, interests and abilities of children and young people and involves them in decisions that affect their lives.

The benefits include…

...better decision-making, improvements to practice and services, greater confidence in the advice from the Guardian, opportunity for young people to give their views, enhanced skills and experience, and demonstration of respect for different views.

In 2017

This year we will again be speaking to groups of young people in city and in regional SA with the assistance of our partners in community organisations and Families SA.  With them we will look at the issues around 'having a say' and ask what are the things they they would say to children and young people as they newly come into care.

We will again talk with young people on our regular official visits to residential care houses and to the Youth Training Centre.  Their views will inform the reports written about conditions in the houses and the Centre.

Thank you… our partnering agencies and the carers, mentors and social workers who support the young people to participate.

Contact:  Michelle Hopkins on 8226 8429 or [email protected] .