Being a Charter Champion

The work of Charter Champions has been key to the successful implementation of the Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care. A Charter Champion is someone who has a strong belief in the rights of children and has embraced the Charter for the benefits it brings to children and young people in alternative care. As Champion you will have been endorsed by your agency to act as a contact, conduit and advocate of the Charter.

A Charter Champion will typically:

  • be a strong advocate for the rights of children
  • have the time and skills to promote the Charter within their agency
  • enjoy the confidence and support of other staff and ready access to agency management.

The role of a Charter Champion within an agency is to:

  • ensure that Charter information is available and displayed in staff work areas
  • ensure that Charter information is visible and available in areas frequented by children and young people in care and that Guardian products for children and young people in care are distributed appropriately
  • assist and advise management and governing bodies to incorporate the Charter and its principles into agency policy and practice
  • provide updates to agency staff and lead team discussions where necessary
  • provide advice and guidance on the rights of children and young people in care
  • liaise informally with the Guardian’s Office to broker responses to practical issues affecting the implementation of rights
  • join wider discussion as opportunities arise about the effectiveness of the Charter and the promotion of children’s rights
  • ensure that the Office is advised if the Champion changes and to pass on information and ongoing tasks.

The Guardian’s Office will provide the Champion with:

  • information, advice, practical support and resources
  • an opportunity for you to feedback to us your thoughts, ideas and challenges
  • periodic updates on matters affecting children’s rights, the Charter and the work of the Office via email and our newsletters
  • invitations to workshops or events about rights related matters.

Please download the Charter Champion fact sheet

Please download the Charter Champion fact sheet

Contacting the Guardian

If you have any questions before or during your tenure as a Charter Champion please contact the Guardian's Office on 8226 8570 or email [email protected]