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Gendered violence is violence inflicted or suffered on the basis of gender differences.  It is commonly used to mean violence against women and girls – but it does apply to boys and, more rarely, to men. Excerpts from an address delivered by Guardian Pam Simmons to the 20 September forum organised by the Addressing Violence Alliance are available […]

The Guardian for Children and Young People monitors the circumstances of children under the guardianship, or in the custody, of the Minister for Families and Communities. The feedback and findings of monitoring activities are reported directly to the agencies involved and to the Minister. The Report on the wellbeing of children and young people in […]

While more children are in state care, families at risk have been neglected by successive governments in South Australia. The erosion of funding for intensive services for families in serious trouble stems back to the 1990s and by 2006-07 this state spent only $4.81 per child compared to a national average of $30.07. Our expenditure […]

Capturing public attention in the past two months has been the release of the report from the Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry (the Mullighan Inquiry). It has drawn renewed focus on past abuses of South Australian children. Such inquiries or investigations have been sadly necessary and repeated across the country and there is […]

Jodi was nine and one of five children. In total there had been over 40 child abuse notifications made about Jodi and her siblings. On their own the notifications were relatively minor. It was the pattern that told the story. When Jodi was admitted to hospital with a serious injury, people were angry that nobody […]

Among other statutory functions the Guardian for Children and Young People acts as an advocate for the interests of children under the guardianship, or in the custody, of the Minister for Families and Communities.  It is in this capacity that the following submission is made. This submission is prepared on the basis of the Office’s […]

People are rightly angry at child abuse and neglect. It seems decent common sense to investigate all claims of abuse. But even in an ideal world we may not want to go down the investigation route in every circumstance. Child abuse notifications range from clear evidence of sexual and physical abuse to concern about lack […]

Recent amendments to child protection law have a renewed focus on child-safe environments designed to keep our children safe at school, at clubs, at camps and in churches. A lot of this activity is about restrictions, such as keeping certain people out,  increasing adult supervision of children, limiting movement in cars and open space. This […]

This information paper is about the sexual abuse of children in care and ways in which it can be prevented.   We provide information for policy makers, professionals, carers, journalists and the public and suggest some ways forward. In the first section we examine some of the themes emerging from the literature.  In the second […]

There’s an ethical dilemma that we all may face at some time. When you see a parent screaming at a child in a public place should you intervene? Responses to this vary from minding your own business, stepping between the two to comfort the child or moving to empathise with the parent in order to […]