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Implementation of the Information Sharing Guidelines is going well with Nunkuwarrin Yunti, DECS, DFC, SA Health and UnitingCare Wesley Adelaide in the training and induction phase for staff.  The second stage agencies, Australian Red Cross, Centacare and the government agencies under the umbrella of the Department of Justice, are preparing their procedures. The Guardian’s 2008-09 Annual Report was […]

This guide to good practice is intended to encourage adults who are making decisions about children’s and young people’s care to work with them on those decisions.  This is not just about children’s rights, though that is clear, but about making good decisions.  Good decisions are not absolute and we do not have perfect foresight […]

This checklist can help workers and their agencies ensure that case records and reports produced about a child or young person are child-centred and child-sensitive. It is based on what young people have told the Office of the Guardian  about what information they think should be recorded and how it should be recorded. The  Child-sensitive records checklist can […]

For most children and young people, decisions about where to go to school, where to live and who they spend time with are made by their parents.  Children and young people in care have these decisions made in formal processes such as case conferences by a number of adults, some of whom a child or […]