The Training Centre Visitor

The Training Centre Visitor (TCV) is an independent statutory officer who reports to Parliament through the Minister for Human Services. The TCV’s role is to promote and protect the interests and rights of children and young people sentenced or remanded to detention in a youth training centre in South Australia. The TCV is appointed pursuant to section 11 of the Youth Justice Administration Act 2016 (the Act).

The TCV Unit

The TCV Unit is made up of the Training Centre Visitor and three other staff: a Principal Training Centre Advocate, a part-time Principal Policy Officer and an Advocate.  For details please see the Staff Team page.
The TCV Unit is physically and administratively located within the Office for the Guardian for Children and Young People.

The TCV's functions

The TCV provides advice to the Minister for Human Services who is responsible for providing the Visitor “with the staff and other resources that the Visitor reasonably needs for exercising the Visitor's functions” [section 13 of the Act].
Section 12 of the Act provides for an independent statutory role:

(1) In exercising his or her functions and powers under this Act, the Training Centre Visitor
must act independently, impartially and in the public interest.
(2) The Minister cannot control how the Visitor is to exercise the Visitor's statutory
functions and powers and cannot give any direction with respect to the content of any
report prepared by the Visitor.

To fulfill the TCV’s functions under section 14 of the Youth Justice Administration
Act 2016 the unit:

  • conducts visits to training centres
  • conducts inspections of training centres
  • promotes the best interests of the residents of a training centre
  • acts as an advocate for the residents of a training centre – to promote the resolution of
    issues to do with their care, treatment and control
  • inquires into and provides advice to the Minister in relation to any systemic reform needed to
    improve the care, treatment and control of residents or the management of a training
  • inquires into and investigates any matter referred by the Minister
  • When addressing these functions, the Training Centre Visitor must pay particular attention to the needs and circumstances of residents who are under guardianship, or are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander young people, and those who have a physical, psychological or intellectual disability.
    The Training Centre Visitor must encourage residents of a training centre to express their own views and must give proper weight to those views.