All about Oog

Oog for materials page 2Hi

I am Oog, the safety symbol for children and young people in care.

You can see my picture on all of the material produced for children and young people in care by the Guardian .

Watch out for me at public events like the Adelaide Christmas Pageant and other places where children and young people in care gather.

These pictures were taken by my friends.   If you take a picture of me, please send it to my friend Bianca to share.


Oog's signature.


My photo gallery

Oog being hugged by a young boy in a red cap

I love to get hugs from children.

Oog talking with two clowns

I always make friends with the clowns - you can tell that the clowns are really in charge.

picture of purple and green Oog

Oogs are shy but very famous. Sometimes we disguise ourselves. Would you recognise me like this on the street?

picture of a babu Oog between two giant Oog feet

This is me as a baby. Oogs are so small when they are born that adults have to be very careful where they put their feet.

Oog bending down in front of children in the 2008 Christmas pageant

Every year I go in the Christmas Pageant and meet lots of my friends.

pictures of Oog in several locations in Central Australia

I love holidays where I get to travel - thanks Lisa and Ian.