Valuing the voice of young people

cartoon circle of children

In all of its work, the Office of the Guardian promotes and models the participation of children and young people in matters that affect them.

Youth participation…

...recognises and nurtures the strengths, interests and abilities of children and young people and involves them in decisions that affect their lives.

The benefits include…

...better decision-making, improvements to practice and services, greater confidence in the advice from the Guardian, opportunity for young people to give their views, enhanced skills and experience, and demonstration of respect for different views.

In 2019...

...we will continue to talk with young people on our regular official visits to residential care houses and to the Youth Training Centre.  Their views will inform the reports written about conditions in the houses and the Centre.

Also under consideration are plans to:

  • monitor the participation of children in their annual reviews and ask them how they can participate more meaningfully
  • consult with young people on how to mitigate peer-to-peer violence in residential care
  • work with young Aboriginal people to design a Nunga version of  Oog
  • engage young people in the design of a foyer mural for the Office of the Guardian premises
  • research ways to assist young people in the process of reqesting advocacy from the guardian's office

Thank you… our partnering agencies and the carers, mentors and social workers who support the young people to participate.