Endorsing the Charter

Pam Simmons with, on her right, Education Coordinator Jennie Hammet, and on her left, Program Manager Kylie John and Save the Children SA staff.

Agencies that endorse the Charter of Rights undertake to promote the Charter and support the rights in it for children and young people in care.  Many endorse because the Charter aligns closely with their mission and values. As well, endorsement of the Charter is now required on many service agreements with government.  By endorsing, agencies are able to access the many products and resources we provide and distribute them to children and young people in care.

The process of endorsement is not onerous.   It is the simplest and most efficient way we can devise to understand who your agency is and how best to work with you.

Endorsing as a small practice or individual provider providing services to young people in care

Because full endorsement is not practicable or relevant for small practices and individual providers, they can apply to endorse by submitting a letter of application.  We have prepared a proforma letter of application to endorse the Charter of Rights which contains all of the necessary statements.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact The Guardian's Office on (08) 8226 8578.

The endorsement tool for organisations

We have created a simple online tool to help you understand what is involved in endorsing the Charter and to apply.  You are free to enter and leave the tool as often as you like and accessing the tool puts you under no obligation to complete it or proceed to endorsing.  Have a look at the tool and use the other resources on the Charter pages to fill in any gaps in your understanding or answer questions.

And of course feel free to contact the Charter Coordinator to discuss any issues as you go along and perhaps arrange a presentation to your Board or staff.

You can check out the endorsement tool now.

After you have applied

Once you click the 'done' button at the end of the endorsement tool, please allow some time for us to get back to you.  This may take as long as ten working days.  We will discuss it with you and clarify issues with you as necessary.  Once completed, we will advise you by email and post out a copy of your certificate of endorsement signed by the Guardian.

The ongoing relationship

Endorsement is only the start of the relationship we would like to have with your agency.  We will communicate regularly with your Charter Champion(s) with news about events and new products and interesting information about children's rights.  We will make available information and products to your agency for distribution to children and young people in care and be available to advise your staff in their advocacy for the rights of children and young people in care.

We ask that your staff keep the wellbeing of children and young people in care foremost in your thoughts and make use of the Charter to advocate with them and for them.   We ask that you maintain the display of Charter posters and materials at relevant sites and distribute other products as the opportunity offers.  Finally, we ask that you maintain an awareness of the Charter and children's rights within your staff via staff induction and development, newsletters, team meetings and subscription to our electronic bulletins and social media.