The Guardian's Office has published over 400 reports, fact sheets and opinion papers on child protection and youth justice. You can read our latest reports or search our database below.

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Guardian for Children and Young People Annual Report 2019-20 - November 2020 - (N.B. This report was updated in December 2020 due to an error comparing this year’s numbers of CYP in out of home care with last year’s numbers of CYP on formal care and protection orders (page 7))

Training Centre Visitor Annual Report 2019-20 - October 2020

Child and Young Person's Visitor Annual Report 2019-20 - October 2020

Great Responsibility: Report on the 2019 Pilot Inspection of the Adelaide Youth Training Centre (now known as the Kurlana Tapa Youth Justice Centre) - July 2020

Children and Young People in State Care in South Australian Government Schools 2009-2019 - June 2020

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