Gendered violence and its impact on children

Gendered violence is violence inflicted or suffered on the basis of gender differences.  It is commonly used to mean violence against women and girls – but it does apply to boys and, more rarely, to men.

Excerpts from an address delivered by Guardian Pam Simmons to the 20 September forum organised by the Addressing Violence Alliance are available in PDF in Just one violent incident…Gendered violence and its impact on children .

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Response to Discussion Paper, Attorney- General’s Department – Review of Domestic Violence Laws

Among other statutory functions the Guardian for Children and Young People acts as an advocate for the interests of children under the guardianship, or in the custody, of the Minister for Families and Communities.  We have a major interest in preventing children from requiring statutory protection and protecting children from harm.

This response is prepared on the basis of the Office’s experience in investigating individual matters and talking with experts in the area of children and domestic violence.

You can download a PDF file of the Response to the domestic violence law review.